..sticks & stones..

i'm going to need this necklace..
if only my ninja mad-skills were better..
model - dominique / hair - danielle / mua- leah


..they say..

Аппети́т прихо́дит во вре́мя еды́.
and the more i shoot, the more i'm sure..


..russian doll..

model - allanah / hair - danielle / mua- leah

from a shoot with the all-kinds-of-wonderful allanah,
amazing moves..



Where is a thesaurus when you need one?
This is just too beautiful to explain..

vanessabruno-Le Bel Eté-SS2010 from presse vanessabruno on Vimeo.


..she never said she'd stay..

model - angelina / hair - danielle

some shots taken while messing about in the hectic rain & wind after a shoot