..erina fair..

this is erin..
it was a rainy day.


..at night..

too much silence..
(..no matter how cold it is,
i have to sleep with the window wide open
to let the night noise in..)



if they aren't already on your summer play list..
do it.. now.



dear melbourne summer.. you're doing it wrong!
(a few weeks ago everything was in bloom and the air was bliss..
where have you gone?!)



the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage..
(photoshoots are so much more fun when your subjects break into
a capella reniditions of some of the funniest songs you've ever heard)


..boo you whore..

so this week melbourne totally messed with me..
may have lost my license / definitely got my arse rained on..
and to top it off,
yesterday they started to tear down my favourite building..
to all this i say..
(every relationship has it's moments)


..deadbeat summer..

(un)fortunately i totally missed last summer because
i busy getting frost bite in europe..
(i did however, learn valuable lessons like
'what happens when you loose one glove in prague'
'how to make yellow snow'
& 'why normal girls will never be as amazingly stylish as dutch girls')

returned to le desert to catch some heat..
model - allanah / style - dominique


..ghetto love..

new hood..
discovered so far:
3 abandoned buildings
2 brothels
1 stolen roof top
= love


..sticks & stones..

i'm going to need this necklace..
if only my ninja mad-skills were better..
model - dominique / hair - danielle / mua- leah


..they say..

Аппети́т прихо́дит во вре́мя еды́.
and the more i shoot, the more i'm sure..


..russian doll..

model - allanah / hair - danielle / mua- leah

from a shoot with the all-kinds-of-wonderful allanah,
amazing moves..



Where is a thesaurus when you need one?
This is just too beautiful to explain..

vanessabruno-Le Bel Eté-SS2010 from presse vanessabruno on Vimeo.


..she never said she'd stay..

model - angelina / hair - danielle

some shots taken while messing about in the hectic rain & wind after a shoot


..wish i was..

(the most amazing street style blog)

my favourite two shots taken in berlin - totally sum the place up..
wild. raw. freekin cold.


..time & space..

i am escaping..
i'm leaving this tiny bubble of a city so, so soon,
and this view will be nothing but a memory!